Wilmington, North Carolina, Is The South’s Best City On The Rise

I have lived in Wilmington since I was 2 years old and have seen it grow leaps and bounds in the years I’ve been here. Well, I don’t really remember the first 3 years, but I do know the rest. Many of my clients are people who have moved to Wilmington from other areas of the country, and they love it here.

When I saw this article, I thought I would share the article from Southern Living below.

From the article:

“Like a seasoned character actor, Wilmington has always excelled at playing its part—but not just any part, every part.

Situated between the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean, the city has spent decades transforming into whatever setting it has needed to be. In the late 1990s, it became an idyllic Cape Cod village for the teen drama Dawson’s Creek, and then it mimicked Los Angeles for Iron Man 3. Nicknamed Wilmywood, Wilmington has long been revered by Hollywood for its mild temperatures and versatility—and recently, travelers have begun to take note.

Want a less crowded spring break escape? Its beaches are at your service. Seeking a charismatic riverfront city? Wilmington’s scenic Riverwalk and majestic live oaks rival those of Savannah. When it comes to the attributes of a great vacation town, it lacks for nothing—and that’s precisely why readers named it their top pick for the 2024 South’s Best Cities on the Rise.”



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